Application Submission Requirements

Requirements to Submit Your Application
Electronic copy of your training certificate. You will be required to upload your electronic certificate during the application process
  • An Illinois digital I.D
  • A valid driver’s license or state identification card
  • A head-and-shoulder electronic photograph taken within the last 30 days
  • Be able to provide the last 10 years of residency

We can handle the application process for you, including your Digital ID and Digital Photograph, for only $20.00. Also, we can completely take care of your FOID application process for you, including any required name or address changes. A FOID card is not required to take this class.

Fingerprints (optional) – Electronic fingerprints will expedite your application! Specify to the Live Scan vendor that your fingerprint application is for the Concealed Carry application (ORI = IL920707Z, Purpose Code = CCW) Firearm Transaction Control Number.

Note: Applicants will be assigned a transaction control number (TCN) at the time of fingerprinting and will be required to retain that TCN to complete the application.

Details of Our Course Fee Payments

The $150.00 fee for this class is due upon the completion of this class (payable with cash or check)

Cancellations within 3 days of your scheduled class will require a 50%deposit for any future class.

(The payment must be received at least 5 days prior to your rescheduled class).


Your Concealed Carry application may be submitted immediately following the class or at a later date that may be more convenient for you.

The $150.00 to the I.S.P. is due when you submit your application (payable with a credit card or electronic check).

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