Defensive Pistol

Sharpen Your Skills with Our Defensive Pistol Class

This class is designed to teach experienced shooters the art of defensive pistol shooting. Participants are guaranteed to have a full understanding of the defensive handgun upon completing this course. Safe muzzle control & trigger finger discipline is MANDATORY. Prior completion of our Handgun Basics class is suggested. Loaner handguns are available for this class for $25.

1 person for 1½ hours
or 2 people for 3 hours
$100 each


Needed for Class:

• Approx. 350 rounds of ammo
• Hip holsters only
• Extra mags & mag pouch

What You’ll Learn in Our Defensive Pistol Class

Defensive shooting techniques
Speed & accuracy under stress
Handgun retention
Drawing & holstering
Proper reloading
Malfunction clearing & more


The courses we offer include:
Illinois Concealed Carry Training
Renewal Concealed Carry Training
Handgun Basics


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