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Safety!  Safety! Safety!

Safety is our top priority!!

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What you'll learn in our course

What to bring to class:

  • Handgun (no 22 caliber)

  • 100 rounds of ammunition

  • Eye and ear protection

  • Willingness to learn

Call 618-267-6952 to sign up for our course. Our instructor is ISP and NRA certified and will teach you crucial shooting skills.

  • Basic principles of marksmanship

  • Clearance checks

  • Muzzle and finger discipline

  • Drawing

  • Reholstering

  • Proper reloading

  • Malfunction cures

  • Muscle memory

  • Defensive shooting skills

  • Rapid Fire and Multi-taps

  • Speed and accuracy under stress

  • Mental training and the defensive mindset

  • Handgun selection

  • Conflict avoidance and violent encounters

  • The law as related to concealed carry

  • Prohibited areas and the parking lot exception

  • The appropriate and lawful interaction with law enforcement while possessing a concealed weapon

Firearms safety & how to protect yourself physically, legally and financially

  • Use of force and defense of person, dwelling, other property

  • Tampering with evidence

  • Witnesses

  • Statements to others

  • Castle doctrine and stand your ground

  • When and why to call the law or 911

  • Understanding what your body will undergo during the stress of a violent attack

  • What to do and say and what not to do and say if you're forced to defend yourself with a weapon

  • Adequate vs excessive force

  • Thumbs down factors

  • The good cop, bad cop routine

  • The 5th amendment

  • The Miranda warning

  • Perception time and reaction time

  • Warning shots (bad idea)

  • Statement cards

  • Liability insurance

                                                                              AND MORE....


  • I.D.

  • Care

  • Storage

  • Selection

  • Power

  • Hydrostatic shock

  • Misfires

  • Hangfires

  • Squib loads

  • Bullet set back

  • Crimp jump

  • +P loads

  • and more.

Certified Instructor